Part 1

This is actually my design of Dance Light 2020 at CMU in which the costumes transfer from an all-black look to a colorful look. This transformation enhance the plot of the performance and make it more dramatic.

In essence, the concept of this movement of these costumes is to hide and then reveal. However, in this case, the transformations are triggered by actors. There could be non-human factors which can activate such change and make fabric or garments transfer between different looks, like sound, temperature or electricity, etc.

This installation is created by WOW studio from Tokyo, in which the cloth is blown by the wind, causing it to flutter in various directions and from a three-dimensional shape and pattern of movement.

I like this movement because the wind, as an external force, does not completely control the direction and shape of the movement of the cloth but leaves it a lot of freedom and uncertainty. I would like to see how this kind of relation of a force and a movement responding to it will look like in a garment.

The Abstract and Kinetic Sculpture, created by by Apical Reform, is inspired by stingrays, one of the interesting creatures in nature.

I enjoy the incredible beauty of this gentle and graceful movement and think it is enlightening to produce such great aesthetic by combining simple mechanical movementsthrougha certain rhythm or pattern,  just like we see in this art piece.

Part 2

Floating Hat

The hat uses the magnetic materials and technique to make the fabric float like a cloud above the head .

Folding Skirt
The skirt can change its length and volume by folding and stretching .

Fin Skirt

Each fin-like structure of the skirt can swing and wave along with the music or the air currents around it, just like a fish’s fin or corals moving in the sea.