By: Yi-Chin Lee, Matt Prindible, and Lizzee SolomonSubmission Date: Wednesday, May 1, 2019 Abstract(ion)The capacity to explore physical artistic work in abstraction through digital transformation and fabrication is conceptually simple, but technically challenging. Our “machine-in-the-loop” workflow is comprised of a laser scanner to generate a point cloud of the artist’s sculpture, software to create a
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Paul’s Group (3/25 Update)

Team Management Kevin: Generating Rhino/Grasshopper toolpathing Elton: Developing mounting systems for foam, Robotic arm attachments Testing paint and medium printing on foam Andy: Writing Python code for pattern generation from provided image Bi Weekly Goals  Kevin is working on the tool paths in Rhino and once he is done, we will try to apply the
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Lizzee Feeds America: the shortest path to twenty billion hot dogs

Where we last left off: A proposal and an abstract model of our workflow. This was enough to guide our exploration of each enabling technology (3D scanners, 3D printers, sculpting, and transforming), but, as we expected the real project was in the weeds of each step of the process. Where we are now: We can
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Shortest Path Prototype – Paul Foam Knife Group

Our group’s plan moving forward was to get a MOCAP of Paul working with the hot knife, editing and reproducing his stroke pattern through Rhino, and having the robot replicate his dextrous skill in carving out a completely different drawing. We’ve made significant progress towards that end. Paul appeared to have an easy time transferring
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