Project Report Template

The following is a general template for the final report, which is to be delivered as a blog post. Please write out your narrative in paragraph form, the outline of prompts below is not intended as a format guide. The video is crucial; please make sure it captures the intention and success of your project clearly.

  1. Project Title
    1. Author 1, Author 2
    2. Submission Date
    3. URL of project video (typically up to two minutes)
  2. Abstract: Provide a brief paragraph summarizing the overall goals and results.
  3. Objectives: State your goals, and discuss what specific features are within scope for the project.
  4. Implementation: Discuss your design choices.
  5. Outcomes: Discuss the successes and failures of your choices.
  6. Contribution: Please provide a clear statement of each author’s individual contribution to the outcomes.
  7. Diagram: please include a workflow diagram highlighting the analog and digital transformations included in the final result
  8. Video: Please embed a video which captures the intent and success of your project. As a general rule, these might be edited one to two minutes long. Please observe good camera and editing technique.
  9.  Photo Documentation: Provide captioned photos which support your discussion. Please consider the purpose of each photo and write a caption which helps the reader understand your intent.
  10. Citations: Please provide references or links to related work.

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