Exercise P1 Post Template

The following is a general template for the exercise report, which is to be delivered as a blog post. This was primarily a skills-based exercise to teach basic motion capture and Grasshopper data processing, but please be sure to include your analytic observations about the nature of the tool and process. Please write out your responses concisely in paragraph form, answering the following prompts in a few sentences each.

Please identify the tool and discuss any particular considerations for marking and motion capture. Please identify the basic physical process that was captured.

Please describe any points of interest you see in the data, possibly including:

  1. Changes in tool velocity
  2. Changes in tool orientation
  3. Tool contact with other objects in the scene.
  4. Inflection points in a continuous gesture.

Please try to relate this data to the physical process. E.g., how are the physical constraints or tool forces rendered visible in the movement? How are the noise and error processes different along different directions? Does this give you any understanding of the dexterous skill involved?

Please provide one or more images which support the analysis, ideally including the original tool with attached markers and a visual representation of the tool path.

Please provide a brief video animation of the tool data as an embedded video block, i.e., directly viewable within the post. Short videos may be uploaded to the server as .mp4 files (16Mb limit), or longer videos can be hosted on YouTube.

You may optionally upload your .gh and .3dm file as attachments along with a reference .csv file.

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