Sebastian and Elena: Bill of Materials

Experiment details:

As we previously mentioned, we are planning to work with a system of manual pumps and soft actuated parts connected through tubes to make the parts move. Before testing the viability of the modularity, we wanted to make sure the base of the system is viable. This will be through testing how effective the flexible hose and inflatable object connection is. For the first experiment, we will use the four parts listed out below (with a larger syringe) and connect the fourth part’s threaded end to a balloon. From this, we will evaluate performance primarily on how efficiently it allows inflation, and whether the threaded end can serve as a driving constraint for future silicone/inflatable explorations.

From this link, we have determined four parts to be included in our bill of materials:

100 mL syringe1x$4.34
Luer lock connector1x (10pk)$4.36
PVC plastic tubing2ft$0.48
Barbed fitting1x (10pk)$10.58
Balloons2x$0Elena’s home

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