Week 1 Report – Fiona and Gia

Ideas we wanna test the next couple weeks:

  • Phasing/ sequencing
  • Using 2 pumps for one bracelet
  • Using modularity to make a full bracelet
  • against skin actuation

Beginning of the week plans

We want to print 2 different molds this week to test the concepts above. This is a rough first plan before attempting anything.

Things we need to figure out in the future

  • How will it communicate heart rate 
  • Where are the sensors gonna go, heart rate monitor 
  • feedback and feel?
  • connecting pumps and where/ how to place the electronics and pump on the body

End of Week Report

For this week we got two molds CADed to test out two different variations of actuation. In one mold we experimented with the inner tube being much narrower and in the other we made the inner tube taper into a smaller diameter. We are hoping to see a phasing out of these changes. One of the prints failed which we found out on Friday, so we re-sent it to the printer but we didn’t get to fill that mold sadly. We did start a 3rd mold to continue progress!

We attached some photos of the CAD for the mold below:

New objectives for the upcoming week

  • print a 3rd mold and test a new actuation method
  • make a full bracelet prototype

To buy: We think we need the other heart rate monitor because the one we got is pretty fickle

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