Process Log: Week 1 – Elise and Leah

This week was set to be some background work for more work to come, so we focused on planning ahead, researching, and prototyping. More specifically, we looked to creating a semester schedule, designing a new mold, and casting our previously-made four-part mode.

Monday, 3.13:

  • Retrieve printed mold, cast new silicon
    • Later: cast failed :(, cast more silicon (Only casted 2, unsure if casting will fail again)
  • Created semester schedule
  • Discussed new mold design
Rough semester schedule
Very rough 3-part mold sketch

Wednesday, 3.15:

  • Checked on mold again, success! (Need to cast more, due to undercasting under testing purposes)
  • Cast more silicon, fused one side of chamber
  • Started on new mold design
  • Experimented with capacitive touch sensor
Casting round 2

Thursday, 3.16:

  • Sealing success
  • Mold success again! 
  • Fused some more chambers
  • Cast a few more quarters
  • Continued experimentation with capacitive touch sensor
Casting round 3

Moving Forward:

  • Test more refined code with capacitive touch sensor
  • Print and cast new mold
  • Experiment with air pumps in the prototype

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