Week 2 Report – Fiona and Gia

End of Week Report

new mold 1 – full bracelet prototype

This is a mold for a full bracelet with the ability to be tied together or clasped? If you fill this whole mold up it should make one full bracelet. Also this has the thinnest tube we have done so far with a .5mm hole size.

new mold 2 – 2 tube system

We also made a mold that’s gonna test how it would actuate if we had two air pumps, so this caused us to make a much different mold with 2 tubes running along the sides and inputting to every-other cylinder. This is our last actuation experiment before refining what we have already tested.

Last weeks prototyped glued and tubed

New objectives for the upcoming week

  • test new heart rate monitors if they are available
  • get molds printed and casted (if skylab allows us)
  • decide what actuation style we have liked so far and go forward with that. Figure if it needs refining. Definitely should start CADing another mold before this week ends

To buy: nothing

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