Week 3 Report – Fiona and Gia

End of Week Report

This week has been mostly testing and fixing our CAD models and trying to get them printed. We realized that our molds needed some slight changes so that they would print properly, it mostly had to do with changing the ports and tubing to fit correctly. We did a lot of testing with our silicon molds and how it is going on the wrist, mostly seeing how the bending affects the airflow. We are trying to figure out how it will exactly go on the wrist, we tested velcro and thought about how string or silicon would be incorporated. We also tested how the heart rate monitor would go on the wrist and how much pressure it needs. It was very informative and helped us start imagining exactly how we will attach it to the wrist. We think velcro is a very viable option.

New objectives for the upcoming week

  • start to figure out final design
  • silicon cast our 3D prints
  • finalize how we are attaching bracelets

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