Week 4 Progress Report – Fiona and Gia

End of Week Report

We finally got our molds 3D printed so we have casted the silicon into our molds. We still need to test the silicon pieces with an air pump. We have started the circuit for connecting the air pumps and Arduino, so once we know that is working it will be easy to connect the accelerometer. Lastly we have thought about how to connect the bracelets together and be put on the wrist. We are thinking some nice looking string for the final design, but we need to test that with our need silicon prototypes.

New objectives for the upcoming week

  • cast and bind the new molds
  • decide if we need to 3D print any other molds
  • send final 3D prints
  • finalize design for gestures to detect
  • figure out accelerometer code

need to buy

  • idk maybe string if we want nicer string?

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