Project Overview — Maddie and Xiaofan

Project Summary Our project is an actuating silicone hand. Each finger’s large movements will be powered via pneumatic pumps, and current-driven nitinol wire will fine-tune these movements. The finger will be cast in two parts out of silicone and fused together; afterwards, trained nitinol will be strategically guided into the cured silicone, with wire leads
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Peer Review

Paper Reviewed: Development of A New Soft Robotic Module Using Compressed Air and Shape Memory Alloys M. N. Golchin, A. Hadi and B. Tarvirdizadeh. Development of A New Soft Robotic Module Using Compressed Air and Shape Memory Alloys. In 2021 9th RSI International Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (ICRoM), Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of. 517-522.
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Lateral Literature Search

Root Paper: An active guide wire with shape memory alloy bending actuator fabricated by room temperature process Mineta, T., Mitsui, T., Watanabe, Y., Kobayashi, S., Haga, Y., and Esashi, M.. An Active Guide Wire With Shape Memory Alloy Bending Actuator Fabricated by Room Temperature Process. Sens. Actuators, A, 97–98(1):632–637, 2002. Related Paper 1: Development
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Reading, Searching, and Skimming

Paper 1: Thermally Tunable, Self-Healing Composites for Soft Robotic Applications (citation 40) Polyurethane foams and 3D-printed lattice structures were covered in wax and tested at various temperatures. The results indicated that wax-coated structures have the potential to act as a much more controllable medium for robotics, allowing for controlled changes and repairs to be made to the
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