Day 2: (Mon Jan 23, Week 2) Soft Robotics Overview

Notes for 2022-01-23.

New Assignments

New assignment, due 10AM Wed morning: Exercise: Lateral Literature Search. Please submit early so I can review posts before class.



  1. Discussion of Rus and Tolley 2015 survey paper [R62].

    • Quick introduction and walkthrough.

    • Non-Glossary

    • What was especially confusing?

    • What unfamiliar terminology did you write down?

  2. Review of the first exercise blog posts.

  3. Mid-class break.

  4. Breakout session. Let’s consider human applications of soft rubbery robots. This is intended to be an imaginative exercise, so no holds barred.

    1. We’ll break out into random groups of two or three.

    2. Please say hello, introduce yourselves.

    3. Brainstorm three or so project ideas.

    4. Please decide on a spokeperson to report back to the whole class afterward.

  5. Lateral search demo (related to next exercise):

    1. We’ll pick a paper for which we want to find similar, newer work.

      Polygerinos, Panagiotis, Zheng Wang, Kevin C. Galloway, Robert J. Wood, and Conor J. Walsh. “Soft Robotic Glove for Combined Assistance and At-Home Rehabilitation.” Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Wearable Robotics, 73 (November 1, 2015): 135–43. [R58]

    2. Choose a root paper from its references: this is going backward in time to find earlier work. In this case I picked a broad survey paper:

      Heo, Pilwon, Gwang Min Gu, Soo-jin Lee, Kyehan Rhee, and Jung Kim. “Current Hand Exoskeleton Technologies for Rehabilitation and Assistive Engineering.” International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing 13, no. 5 (May 1, 2012): 807–24. [R20]

    3. Look the root paper up at Web of Science to examine its Citations list: this is going forward in time to find new work. This list could potentially grow each passing year. The sample above has at least 312 citations, of which at least 72 have the keyword ‘soft’.