Bibliography of Soft Robotics (S23)

The readings are a centerpiece of the course. We will together be exploring the soft robotics and art literature. Following are some suggested starting points for robotics literature searches. The Guide to Library Resources page addresses more details of the literature search process.

The papers are categorized in the following sections with brief descriptions. The citations in the descriptions link further below to the full bibliographic references. A few papers relate to the Videos of Related Work.

The bibliographies from previous course iterations are archived:

Surveys and Overviews of Soft Robotics

  • A 2013 survey of biologically inpired soft robots [R32] (2013).

  • A survey of soft robots in 2015 from a biomimetic perspective [R62]. (2015).


  • Design of a soft 2D robotic arm [R44] (2014). Multiple segments flexing in a horizontal plane.


  • Model-Based Sensor Fusion Approach for Force and Shape Estimation [R53] (2020). Integration of capacitive and pressure sensing to estimate state of soft pad and finger.


  • Soft LEGO [R37] (2018). Modular soft pneumatically-driven LEGO blocks compatible with rigid LEGO blocks. Includes design examples of mixed hard and soft structures.

  • Electroactive textile actuators [R19] (2018). A variety of fabric actuators using dielectric effects (and high voltages).

  • A five-way directional soft valve with a case study: a starfish like soft robot [R92] (2020).

Energy and Power

  • Pneumatic Energy Sources for Autonomous and Wearable Soft Robotics [R77] (2014). Survey of power solutions.

Control, Dynamics, and Modeling

  • Modeling locomotion of a soft-bodied arthropod [R63] (2010). Analysis of caterpillar locomotion, intended to inspire biomimetic soft locomotion.

Design and Fabrication of Soft Robots

  • Thermally Tunable, Self-Healing Composites [R9] (2014). Novel open-cell foam coated in wax.

  • Survey of methods for fabrication of soft fluidic elastomer robots [R43] (2015).

  • An integrated design and fabrication strategy for entirely soft, autonomous robots [R78] (2016). Fully soft robots with microfluidic logic and chemical fuel.

  • Development of magnet connection of modular units for soft robotics [R36] (2017).

  • A Design and Fabrication Approach for Pneumatic Soft Robotic Arms Using 3D Printed Origami Skeletons [R87] (2019).

  • Design and Computational Modeling of a 3D Printed Pneumatic Toolkit for Soft Robotics [R94] (2019). Compliant and rigid parts fabricated using 3D printing.

  • Bubble casting soft robotics [R26] (2021).

  • Printed silicone pneumatic actuators for soft robotics [R67] (2021). Rapid Liquid Printing of silicone to fabricate without casting.


  • Undulatory serpentine locomotion [R54] (2013). Snake comprising four fluidic elastomer actuators, includes rigid components for power and control.

  • Untethered jumping soft robot [R70] (2014). Uses chemical fuel for explosive propulsion.

  • Controllable ‘Somersault’ Magnetic Soft Robotics: [R88] (2014). Polymer devices with embedded magnets controlled by external field.

Swimming Robots

  • Autonomous Soft Robotic Fish Capable of Escape Maneuvers Using Fluidic Elastomer Actuators [R45] (2014).

Human-Robot Interaction

  • Wearable soft sensing suit for human gait measurement [R48] (2014).

  • Puffy, a friendly inflatable social robot [R71] (2018). Video and abstract. See also Politecnico di Milano video page.

  • Anthropomorphic Face Robot having Soft Mouth Mechanism [R72] (2019). A set of actuated lips situated on a skull model.

Biomimicry and Biomechanics

Biomedical Applications

  • Soft robotic glove for combined assistance and at-home rehabilitation [R58] (2015).

  • A Multi-Module Soft Robotic Arm with Soft End Effector for Minimally Invasive Surgery [R7] (2019).

  • A Wearable Soft Fabric Sleeve for Upper Limb Augmentation [R23] (2021).

Tissue Engineering


Other Robotics

Paper which are not strictly soft robotics but which may inform soft robotics work.

  • Towards printable robotics: Origami-inspired planar fabrication of three-dimensional mechanisms [R55] (2011).

  • Review of hand exoskeletons [R20]. (Extends well beyond soft robotics.)

  • A Touching Connection: How Observing Robotic Touch Can Affect Human Trust in a Robot [R35] (2021).

Exercise 1 Papers

Submissions related to Exercise: Reading, Searching, and Skimming.

[R7] [R9] [R10] [R11] [R19] [R23] [R26] [R32] [R35] [R36] [R45] [R48] [R52] [R53] [R54] [R56] [R63] [R69] [R70] [R71] [R72] [R77] [R88] [R87] [R92]

Exercise 2 Papers

Submissions related to Exercise: Lateral Literature Search.

[R8] [R6] [R12] [R15] [R16] [R18] [R21] [R28] [R29] [R27] [R30] [R33] [R2] [R34] [R39] [R40] [R41] [R45] [R49] [R50] [R60] [R61] [R64] [R66] [R68] [R73] [R74] [R80] [R82] [R81] [R85] [R86] [R89] [R91]

Robotics References

Cited References


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