Day 1: (Wed Jan 18, Week 1) Welcome!

Notes for 2023-01-18.

I will post a daily agenda page for each class; this will be your essential guide to the progress of the class.

New Assignment

Daily Agenda

  1. Introductions

    • Your instructor

    • Brief synopsis of the course objectives

    • Mutual introductions

    • Questions?

  2. Administrative

  3. Viewings

  4. Discussion

  5. Anatomy of a research paper (see [R37])

  6. S22 student project example: Jellyfish

  7. S21 student project example: grubo

  8. First assignment: Exercise: Reading, Searching, and Skimming.

  9. Techniques and skills


FAU Robotic Jellyfish

MIT Tangible Media Group - Venous Materials

Injecting liquid metal into channels for soft artificial skin