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Media Lab policies

• No food or beverages please. (Bottled water is OK).

• To use the Media Lab outside of class time you must make a reservation using online reservation system.

• When you are finished working you must restore the room to a usable state. Any props, equipment, or cables that were used must be removed.

• If you are the last person leaving the Media Lab you must perform the following shut-down procedure, to protect our equipment:

  1. Shut down the X32 digital mixing console. The power switch is on the back of the unit, on the right. (The loudspeakers in the room may be left on as long as the mixing console is turned off).
  2. Make sure both video projectors are turned off. When the projectors are off you will see a red light on the front of them. When they are on you will see a green light on the front of them.
  3. Make sure any theatrical lighting fixtures are fully powered down before leaving the room -theatrical lighting fixtures can get hot and become a fire hazard if left on.    (The LED lights permanently installed in the overhead grid do not get hot and it is OK to leave these on).
  4. Put the Mac Pro computer to sleep.
  5. Make sure the doors to the Media Lab are fully closed and locked when you exit the room.

• When you are using the Media Lab outside of class time you are responsible for the equipment in the room. Damage resulting from careless behavior will result in your Student Account being charged for the cost of repairs. If you allow visitors in to the Media Lab you will be responsible for their behavior as well.