I am sitting in a PVC pipe – Arnav Luthra – Assignment 1

The first idea I had for this assignment was to feed my name into the Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator and then feed the input of that back into itself over and over I did this 5 times and got the following:

Arnav Luthra -> Arrogant Menace -> Lazy-assed Killah -> Vizual Professional -> Annoyin’ Bstrd -> Shriekin’ Hunter

I didn’t really get any meaningful insight into the system so I decided to do something else.

Similar to I Am Sitting in a Room, I recorded myself briefly speaking but then fed it though Max for Live’s convolution reverb(set with the impulse of a PVC pipe) and repeated the process to yield the following:

It sounded harsher overall compared to the original I Am Sitting in a Room. This could be due to the resonant frequencies of a PVC tube. Also there was a certain warmness in the original that likely stemmed from some form of tape distortion.