Assignment 3 – Kevin Darr

I decided to write a short drum+synth loop in Ableton Live to use as the original audio to be convolved. Here is the loop (2 iterations).

To get my impulse responses, I traveled into Schenley Park. This impulse was recorded on the trail underneath Panther Hollow Road.

Here is what the original sounds like under the bridge:


The next impulse was recorded near Panther Hollow Lake. Notice the background insect/bird noises.

Here is the original played next to the lake:


For this “impulse” I recorded the sound of the stream that flows into the lake.

The convolution (my favorite of all the convolutions):


Finally I attempted to convolve the original with the sound of wind, but I didn’t feel like finding a good sample. So instead I put the original recording as the IR and convolved them. Here is the audio:


(Shout out to my trusty assistant Ben for being the balloon popper.)