Assignment 3 — Jonathan Cavell

For this assignment, I made patch utilizing a sample from the intro vamp of an old radio play narrated by Vincent Price.

The recording I provided uses all four convolutions at once — 3 of which are only played once and the fourth, which is a simple IR from a stairwell is offset from the others and then put through a large set of delays to generate a cascade of sound — as if it is coming from multiple sources placed close together in the same room.

The two impulse recordings which are not actual impulses were chosen by how the fit together and were edited for length so that they could be played simultaneously and build to a wall of sound before tapering off.

The end result is below.

I think even further narrative content could be developed by carefully made audio cues. However, I think these may be better triggered using a launchpad rather than programming each in — so there is a greater element of indeterminacy.