Project 1 – 3x Oscillator – Will Walters

For this project, I created a synthesizer instrument called a 3x Oscillator. It does more or less what it says on the tin, the user can control three oscillators which can be played via midi input. When a note is played, the oscillators produce sound in tandem, creating a far fuller sound than a single tone. The oscillators can be tuned and equalized relative to each other, and the waveform of each can be selected – sinusoid, sawtooth, or square. Other options for customization include total gain of the instrument; independent control of the attack, decay, sustain, and release; and a filter with both type and parameters customizable.

Here’s a video of me noodling around with it:

(sorry about the audio in some places, it’s my capture, not the patch itself)

The main patch can be found here.

The patch used inside poly~ can be found here.