Project 1 – Matthew Xie

For Project 1, I created a self-generated melody & drone patch.

First off, a wav file of single piano notes played consecutively is analyzed. While Max randomly selects portions of the wav file to play in snippets, the frequency of the audio being played is analyzed and triggers the 1st higher-pitched drones in intervals. Meanwhile, the 2nd drone patch can be triggered by using the keyboard as a midi-keyboard.

The drone is achieved via subtractive synthesis. The pink noise generator is send through filters, only letting pass certain frequency bands. Then, the subtractive synthesis is done with a handful of inline reson~ objects.

The ‘analyzer~’ object is referenced from the website.

Delay is added to all sound effects. Piano melody can also go through a noise gate at will. The speed of the piano sampling can also be manipulated, which will immediately also effect the speed of the self-generated higher pitched drones.

Here is an example of the music being played:

Code is Here: