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Project 1 – Adrienne

For my project I wanted to see what I could do by modifying mesh points in a 3D model. This for me was an exploration of how Max reads 3D models, and I ended up with a crashing patch that took in a model, and distorted it using a .mov file. It used the normals of the model to extrude the vertices, and each point was being modified in accordance to the video. I eventually tried to use a pfft to get it to react to sound. It created really cool textures, but unfortunately I can’t get the patch to open. Below are screenshots of what I had.

I based this off of the duck distortion patch and this one I found on the internet:

Project Proposal 1

I am interested in how 3D meshes can be incorporated into Max using audio as a generative controller. I have been recently working on 3D modeling and visualization using Blender, and seeing if/how I can attach a mesh to data points that can be controlled by various audio signals would be the main goal of this project. This is primarily an audiovisual exploration, and I plan to use it with my next musical performances that include electric guitar, voice, samples, and miscellaneous noises and ambient textures.

Assignment 3 – Supposition of Eggs in D♭ Minor, alternate title: Eggs Over my Guitar

I was cooking eggs and really liked the sound it was making in the pan. I then recorded my brother asking me if I’m cooking eggs and decided to use that as my original signal.

This is the original signal:

For the two “normal” IRs, I decided to convolute my eggs using a recording of knocking my hand on my ceramic bathtub and clapping my hands in my basement.
The eggs in my bathtub sound like this:

The eggs in my basement sound like this:

I had recorded the actual sound of eggs frying in a pan, so I decided to use this as my IR. It created a nutritious soundscape.
This is the IR:

This is the soundscape:

Here is an ambient piece called Eggs Over my Guitar. The IR is a recording of me playing this aimless twinkly guitar noodle:

Eggs Over my Guitar:

Here is a bonus track called Playing the Guitar with my Dead, Dried Flowers.  I had originally recorded myself caressing a vase of dead flowers to use as my IR for the eggs, but it sounded much cooler over this cheesy guitar phrase I played:

This is the IR of the dead flowers:

And finally the bonus track:

Assignment 1 – Adrienne Cassel

I used the Face App to make myself into the Ultimate Woman using the “young” filter, the “smile” filter, and the “female” filter.

This ^ is the original picture.

I tried to cycle the pictures through it until I got to here:

To get the *Ulitmate* ageless look, I used the “young” filter. Here’s what it’s like to be 30 times younger:

Cycle 4

Cycle 10

Cycle 20

Cycle 30

I’ve been told I should smile more, so naturally I thought I would include it in the criteria. Here’s what a 104 times processed *Ultimate* smile looks like:

Cycle 3

Cycle 20

Cycle 70

Cycle 104

I also used the “female” filter. Heres what a it looks like processed through 8 times: