Make a wheeled robot that completes a challenge on a whiteboard table. Your team may choose from one of the challenges below:

Normal Challenge

  • Solve a Maze
    • bonus: make it draw the maze first
  • Draw an algorithmic pattern [S+A]
    • bonus: make a multi-color changer
  • Keep the table clean of marks and debris
    • bonus: do it with CV and an external camera
  • Trace objects placed on the table
    • bonus: color them in when the object is removed

Hard Challenge

  • Two Sumo Bots [D+J]
    • bonus: make them controlled by a phone/remote control
  • Draw a clock
    • bonus: make it an analog clock
  • Draw a face from a vector image
    • bonus: draw from a photograph/video
  • Draw from your phone
    • bonus: make a website anyone can draw from


This is a fast and dirty project which will give you guys the opportunity to program your Photon boards, design physical mechanisms, utilize the tools available in IDeATe, and build with available hardware. We don’t expect these prototypes to be pretty. This project is about the process and the focus should be on functionality and simplicity. You only have a couple of weeks and a lot to learn.

You will work in teams of 2 (may have one team of 3 if there is an odd number). We will assign groups based on the course survey and discussions in class. Your team will select a robot type from the list above and get cranking. We will provide examples of DC motors, servos, stepper motors, ultrasonic depth sensors, photoresistors, etc.

Some example projects are listed below for inspiration and instruction (we will add to this list as you guys find more useful examples):



Commercially Available


The final (working) prototype is due Tuesday, January 26th.

In addition, a blog post including the following is due 1/26, as well:

  • Process documentation: images/drawings
  • Write-up: Abstract/Related Work/Implementation/Discussion
  • 30 second video: shot on tripod/edited