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Final Project – bPolite

bPolite is a prototype community curated message board intended to create a place where community discussions could happen in the physical world, thus increasing the sense of community within a neighborhood. bPolite consists of a chalkboard attached to a scrolling… Continue Reading →

Final Project Proposal: NapJac by Roberto Andaya

NapJac Proposal  by: Roberto Andaya I have always tried taking naps in between classes but they are not as comfortable as I would like. I always wish I had some sort of travel pillow system that did not take too… Continue Reading →

Final Project Proposal – Irenee


Final Project Proposals

All, it is time for our final projects and the following text describes your proposal requirements. We live in an era of constant monitoring and electronic intervention. Mobile technologies have enabled fast computing on our persons in all aspects of… Continue Reading →

Calling Photon functions from Javascript

Sky showed me Particle’s javascript library, and I thought I would post what I had to do to get it working. Particle’s documentation can be found at: My updated files are at: From the terminal, run:   npm install particle-api-js… Continue Reading →

Project 03 — Cardboard

Code, demos, and project descriptions are available for this project at the Github Repo:

Project 2: ‘Einstein, Gravity & 101 years’ – E. O’Neill

  ‘Einstein, Gravity & 101 years’ Initial seeds’ and direction of Einstein, Gravity & 101 years (E.G.101.Y) grew from my search for an elemental physical action that creates an under appreciated or surprising response and sound. Technologies involved include: Processing programing… Continue Reading →

Project 2: Bike Buddy – Joseph Paetz

Video Overview Bike Buddy is a bike computer that uses sound to generate its data. Made using minimal components, Bike Buddy uses a simple contact mic that plugs directly into your phone for maximum convenience. Inspiration I bike a lot, and… Continue Reading →

Project 2: HandGlovePuppetThing – L.Valley

To say the least, my project went through a few iterations. What started as a sound generating glove mechanism turned into a gestural puppet controller. Video (that will be replaced with better video shortly):   Idea genesis: This project began with… Continue Reading →

Project 2 – Sound – Daniel Campos Zamora

Video Inspiration At first I wanted to have this exist out in the world, preferably out over one of the rivers. But due to the scope of the project, the time we had and some technical issues, I scaled it… Continue Reading →

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