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Cardboard Lasercut

I generated and colored cut file for the Cardboard, as a DXF file (the format the laser cutters want). It’s not adjusted for our lenses* Cardboard DXF on Github

Photon: Compiling Locally

If you’ve developed code for the photon, you know how annoying the necessity to develop and compile code in the “particle cloud.” Every time you have to make a change, you have to: upload your code wait for it to… Continue Reading →

Links from Mini Lecture on Mechanics

Hoberman Sphere Computational Design of Mechanical Characters Mechanical Movements Strandbeests Pen Plotters [I | II | III] Rapid Prototyping Design and Control of Tensegrity Soft Robot for Locomotion Omnidirectional Wheels Vertigo

Example Looking Outwards Post

Computational Design of Linkage-Based Characters EXPLAINED: A system for designing linkage based characters using a catalog of linkage types. CHOSEN:  I chose this project because it shows a new approach to designing complex linkages. This gives users without large amounts of… Continue Reading →

OSC Example

Here’s the example I shared in class for using OSC with the Photons. It’s also available as a Gist on Github.

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