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March 2016

A.R. Beyond Z – letters in real space with sound proposal

A.R Beyond Z PCS proposal 3.31.16 Augmented Reality Beyond Z drawing in your space. Draw letters and language with sound enhancements, real time in the space around you. To expand the idea of a fixed alphabet, make your own! Listen… Continue Reading →

Final Project Proposal – Daniel Campos

The Sensory Experience I’m Trying To Capture

Final Project Proposal – Irenee


iJam Final

Final Project proposal – Joseph Paetz

Final Project Proposals

All, it is time for our final projects and the following text describes your proposal requirements. We live in an era of constant monitoring and electronic intervention. Mobile technologies have enabled fast computing on our persons in all aspects of… Continue Reading →

Calling Photon functions from Javascript

Sky showed me Particle’s javascript library, and I thought I would post what I had to do to get it working. Particle’s documentation can be found at: My updated files are at: From the terminal, run:   npm install particle-api-js… Continue Reading →

Cardboard Lasercut

I generated and colored cut file for the Cardboard, as a DXF file (the format the laser cutters want). It’s not adjusted for our lenses* Cardboard DXF on Github

Project 03 — Cardboard

Code, demos, and project descriptions are available for this project at the Github Repo:

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