All, it is time for our final projects and the following text describes your proposal requirements.

We live in an era of constant monitoring and electronic intervention. Mobile technologies have enabled fast computing on our persons in all aspects of our lives including, education, biometric monitoring, social media correspondence, and much more. With this in mind we approach our final project with a focus on wearable devices, biometric monitoring, fitness tracking, and any other type of on-body sensing or actuation. This may include VR/AR, watches, e-textiles, etc. The focus of this proposal is not to describe perfectly how build your project, but how a user would interact with it. Consider this an exercise in describing an experience not a technology. The proposal will be in the form of a short video (between 15 and 30 seconds), and may use live action, stop-motion, animation, or any other technique to describe your proposed experience. You have only two days to generate this video so the focus is on the idea more than the craft of the video. A rough animation of a great idea will be more convincing than a polished less developed proposal. You will work alone and we will break into teams of two on Thursday to move forward. Good luck!