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‘Einstein, Gravity & 101 years’

Initial seeds’ and direction of Einstein, Gravity & 101 years (E.G.101.Y) grew from my search for an elemental physical action that creates an under appreciated or surprising response and sound.

Technologies involved include: Processing programing tools and direction were fundamental to accomplishing the practical digital applications creating audible and visual responses integrated into project E.G.101.Y.. IPhone software App Particle/Spark, was used to connect and utilize the Photon, Bluetooth enabled, circuit board hardware attached to a small breadboard and the adjustable gain micret’ (VCC: 2.4-5.5V) held up famously after countless direct and indirect little glass ball strikes.

Stage 2: velocity banana

Stage 2: velocity banana

An Apple MacBook Pro facilitated near infinite calculations and processes to help write this vital documentation; additionally it helped send said’ code and visual signals to a ceiling mounted video projector and receive signals from aforementioned Photon. Miscellaneous power tools were utilized for presented and prototype construction. Lastly, the grandmother of all technologies, 500,000-year-old fire.

Note: diagrams, photos, and sketches of progress are also integrated into video attached below. The MacBook pro with USB powered the Photon below to Micro input then connected to the Micret by wires with a ground, AO, and power out to ground, out, and VCC on the Micret.



Photon wired for micret' connect

Photon wired for micret’ connect



VCC: 2.4 – 5.5v Adjustable Gain micret’ connected to Photon (above)



Einstein, Gravity & 101 years’   (A process inclusive video presentation, click link)

Einstein, Gravity & 101 years 1a


Link to a Github repo or gist containing your code:

sound response to gravity IMG_2951


Inspiration was drawn from a few people and ideas for this sound based project. Here is a shortlist of those thoughtful, inspired projects or people.

John Whites paintings have given me pause since first experiencing them, especially the pieces in the grand staircase at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. I am not sure how I feel about the layers of humanity starting on the first floor as laborers then on up to the 3rd floor where people are drifting up to the sunlit future built on the toil of those before them. This project allowed space to explore these ideas.  Here is a link to the Museums Grand Staircase paintings page on this impressive 3 floor mural.

Sarah Sze is a site specific artist I had the privilege and pleasure to assist during the Carnegie International Art competition and exhibition. She has shifted the idea of a art space, what is its place and what are the rules? Sarah has been changing what thousands used to think was art, breaking through bearers with both tradional constructs of the field and physical responses. Sarah Sze art materials are found anywhere she finds inspiration.

Einsteins theory of general relativity is now confirmed. Gravitational waves were recently detected by us humans! Einsteins 101 year old theory has been tested for decades, the gravity ripple from two black holes created a proton width blip detected by a set of man made gravity wave receptors. Here is a great New York Times link to the ‘music of the cosmos’ .

James Terrell’s Roden Crater ‘a gateway to observe light, time, and space.’ is a massive crater that has been changed into a land art installation. It ‘engages with the sun, moon, stars and planets.’ A light and large scale interactive art artist. He often relates directly with the sky, stars and light. Here is a link to J. Terrell’s official web site.


(Night photo of the Roden Crater site specific art installation by James Terrell)

PC studio audio video image IMG_2933 copy

– Photon, Micret’, Processing code, imagined to this projected multi layered and active visual response to sound.

Lessons learned include:

This slower moving inspirational Project 2 brought many insights. Computer code utilized for interactive visual ellipses moving with changing color applications, a thoughtful relevant application. Sound input visualization tool to bring unexpected response to surprising thud and bell ring finale’ for the presentation. Fortunately, the  healthy pause in our daily grind from Einstein, Gravity & 101 Years gave satisfying emotional results and response from those that experienced it.

The early stage prototype in glass box brought light to physical, sound, and visual access points to be reconsidered. Re-framing restrictions brought focused energy and clarity to resolving the physical, electrical, audio, light, and conceptual challenges.

Video link to glass box prototype:

PCStudio prj_ 2 glass box – HD 720p

Next stages: in this project could bring more audio cues and projected responses. Multiple physical reactions to unexpected thoughtful twists including analogies and referance to our time here in relation to the greater humbling hope for a universal understanding of how and where did we come from.

  • Computer science and the potential of it is just now being realized. We are shifting from the fumbling ‘what is this’ and shuffling out through the mastering of craft stage toward the art of expression and infinite usefulness.
  • How can we maximize our time with its most advantageous rewards?

Can our inspired incremental projects provide power filled distractions pivoting us toward the next great impactful invention?





Thank you for reading this it was a privilege and pleasure to share it.