On a number of occasions this semester (approximately once per project), you are going to complete a “looking outwards” assignment, where you search relevant fields for projects related to the current topic.

You will then make a blog post of your discoveries, following the format below:

IMAGE:  You will begin your post with an image of your chosen project. Images must be at least 756 pixels wide, and must be linked to the full-size image.

TEXT: Here you will provide text in the format specified below.

  • EXPLAINED: Explain the project in less than 160 characters.
  • CHOSEN: Why did you choose this project?
  • CRITIQUED: What did the designer do well? What did they do poorly? What would you change?
  • RELATED: Where did the project come from? What informed it, and what does it inform? What is its family tree?

LINK: Please post a linked URL of the project here.

VIDEO (OPTIONAL): If there is a youtube or vimeo video, please link embed it here.

Repeat these steps three times!

Each post should contain THREE relevant projects. Projects you write about should be projects you’ve newly discovered while doing this research, i.e., projects you haven’t come across before (though feel free to add those to your post beyond the three).