drawbot                                                       drawbot2

  • EXPLAINED: The arduino-based drawing robot has a marker that it controls through a linear chamber and a servo motor to apply force in order to draw onto a piece of paper
  • CHOSEN: It is the epitome of rapid prototyping gone right. It is a good example of an easily-made robot that has multiple functionalities and can perform a complicated task in a simple away.
  • CRITIQUED: In a more ideal world, the parts would be of higher quality and precision, but I think, since it is supposed to be 3D-printable that it was done very well. It is simple to construct, affordable and simple in design.
  • RELATED: The project comes from the Maker Movement, the whole idea of rapid prototyping by exploiting the capabilities of an Arduino. It is something that can be made in any modern digital fabrication lab with at least a 3D printer, laser cutter, Arduino and basic electrical and electromechanical components.

Link: Follow this link to see the Instructables page for it.