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EXPLAINED: A¬†drawing robot exhibition which gathering visitors’ portrait based on image processing.

CHOSEN: This project is a good example as a combination of art and technology. Which gives the robots a different charm. And the usage of computer vision can be a good reference for our Project 1.

CRITIQUED: It’s not the first time that people use camera to capture portrait and train robot to draw the portrait out. However, this exhibition is a good try to attach art elements to robot. Making the topic more appealing rather then just being an impassive technical demo.

RELATED: There are several related projects that also used openCV edge detection algorithm to get portraits.

And for our Project 1. We adopted similar gear & pinion controlling system as the project showing below.

The link and video for this project:



 Jetty Robot


EXPLAINED: A cleaning robot with a vision control system built in.

CHOSEN: This cleaning robot has integrated a camera that can not only be used for real-time controlling but also for analyzing and recording. And the robot’s mechanical design is a good example for designing for the specific usage.

CRITIQUED: This robot has a good feature that it makes use of vision controlling system which gives it the ability to work remotely with more flexibility. Also it can meet it’s working environment’s request by assembling chains in 6 different direction.

RELATED: The 6 chains ducts climbing system reminds me of the wall climbing robot that professor showed in class. Which does an awesome job in omni-direction climbing.

VertiGo – A Wall-Climbing Robot including Ground-Wall Transition