Explained: A complete kit sold by Parallax at $135 for one, and $225 for a complete kit. It uses BASIC Stamp control boards and comes equipped with servos, QTI line sensors, and other components all mounted on an aluminum chassis.

Chosen: I chose this project because it seemed like the most similar product that is out on the market.

Critiqued: I think that the company definitely mad a robust product by using the aluminum and it is surprisingly light at 400 grams. I think that while there is room to change the circuitry and hardware for the robot, it seems like the shape and look of the robot is limited. Its a 10x10x10 box that you have to work with.

Related: The company doesn’t really say what inspired the SumoBot but it seems like they were targeting hobbyists and hardware enthusiasts. I think this probably informed the zumo Robot shield that adafruit sells for the arduino now( but I don’t know of hobby and commercially available battling robots before.