The Moon Drawings Project is an initiative by the CMU based Moon Arts Team that will use a rover to draw pictures on the moon.



Unlike the other two drawing machines, I chose this piece due to it’s deeper contextual implications. While other drawing bots (actually, artists in general), create impermanent work, this project challenges the notion of longevity and preservation that artists often face when creating a work. The drawings created by this initiative have the potential to survive for millennia—which also begs the question: What image is worth preserving that will outlast, possibly, humanity?



Although I love how the Moon Arts team is challenging public perception of art by, literally, going where no artist has gone before, I dislike how so many images were chosen as part of this series. In Spring 2015, an open call was put out for 10,000 images, and over 9000 artists responded. With an open call like this, it’s natural to assume that many were inspired by fleeting ideas and current trends. In fact, in ten years, I wonder how many of the drawings will hold the significance they do today.



This project was spawned from the collaborate efforts of the Moon Arts Project and NASA to orchestrate a cultural mission to space. Another project to be fulfilled in the year 2016 is the launching of a physical sculpture “The Moon Ark,” where it will exist in space for, potentially,  billions of years.