uArm Robot Arm Powered By Arduino

Created by the UFad group

EXPLAINED: This is a robot arm that is able to to move in 3 dimensions and swivel. It is modeled after a manufacturing robot and can pick objects up and move them to a new destination.

CHOSEN:  This robot was interesting concept that could be modified such that it could move up and down and with good controls all around. It also expanded the idea that servos and controlling units were very much able to do an even simpler task of cleaning the whiteboard table.

CRITIQUED: This project did a very nice job in their video. It displayed what they currently had and what they hoped their next iteration would lead to. I feel that it was half project presentation and half commercial for their company but it would nice to get more information on the topic. I wish they would show more functionality to it. I do not like projects that show what a project does but with not much practical use. The design was simply created to focus more on a calibrated unit.

RELATED: This design is related to the robot manufacturing arm family. Control and accuracy is everyhting. Some examples of this are below:



LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0sQgk1qz5Y