2 DOF Plotting Robotic Arm – Arduino Platform

Created by Gregory Bourke

EXPLAINED: This robot is a simple 2-d control system that can draw out inputs from a computer onto paper like a printer. There is a joint in the mechanism that allows for different angles and somewhat of a human recreation in terms of writing.

CHOSEN:  I chose this project because of the drawing controls that it has that could be created to clean a whiteboard. It is also interesting because of how it looks like a human arm trying to draw something. I think it is more of an artistic inquiry but it is nice to have some human aspects be included into the project.

CRITIQUED: I like the design in the it represents some human like qualities and it seems to be very accurate. The design looks like construction was simple and good for construction. I think the video could have been documented better instead of using a phone to record the information.

RELATED: Some designs that would relate to this one are more robot arm drawers but also have joints to get different types of angles to represent a hand motion. Some examples are the following:



LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWZGfWU8_p0