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Joseph Paetz

Final Project – bPolite

bPolite is a prototype community curated message board intended to create a place where community discussions could happen in the physical world, thus increasing the sense of community within a neighborhood. bPolite consists of a chalkboard attached to a scrolling… Continue Reading →

Final Project proposal – Joseph Paetz

Calling Photon functions from Javascript

Sky showed me Particle’s javascript library, and I thought I would post what I had to do to get it working. Particle’s documentation can be found at: My updated files are at: From the terminal, run:   npm install particle-api-js… Continue Reading →

Project 2: Bike Buddy – Joseph Paetz

Video Overview Bike Buddy is a bike computer that uses sound to generate its data. Made using minimal components, Bike Buddy uses a simple contact mic that plugs directly into your phone for maximum convenience. Inspiration I bike a lot, and… Continue Reading →

Looking Outwards: C3D4

EXPLAINED: A sumo robot who uses extreme speed to knock its opponent out of the ring. CHOSEN: I chose this robot because it has very good documentation and because it is one of the many sumo bots that use extreme speed… Continue Reading →

Looking Outwards: Autonomous Sumo Combat Robot with Pneumatic Flipper

EXPLAINED: A sumo robot that uses a flipper to help get its opponents out of the ring. CHOSEN: I chose this robot because it is one of the few small sumo robots to use an attack besides ramming to get their opponent… Continue Reading →

Looking Outward: Mr. Cube: One Cubic Inch Micro-Sumo Robot

EXPLAINED: An autonomous sumo robot that is only one cubic inch in volume. CHOSEN: I chose this robot because it is an incredibly small robot. One of our ideas was to build one of our sumo bots smaller, but not nearly… Continue Reading →

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