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Lauren Valley

The Sensory Experience I’m Trying To Capture

Project 2: HandGlovePuppetThing – L.Valley

To say the least, my project went through a few iterations. What started as a sound generating glove mechanism turned into a gestural puppet controller. Video (that will be replaced with better video shortly):   Idea genesis: This project began with… Continue Reading →

Looking Outwards: Moon Arts

The Moon Drawings Project is an initiative by the CMU based Moon Arts Team that will use a rover to draw pictures on the moon.   Chosen: Unlike the other two drawing machines, I chose this piece due to it’s deeper… Continue Reading →

Looking Outward: Harvey Moon

Explained: Using an actuator based reel system, artist Harvey Moon is able to draw complex images with this machine.   Chosen: Like the first piece I chose, I loved how this drawing machine uses simple motion to create dynamic results…. Continue Reading →

Looking Outward: Lelah Mehran

Intro: I recently went to a show opening at the Miller Gallery by the name of “Maximum Minimum In Unum.” One of the pieces displayed was “Entropic Order” by Laleh Mehran. Explained: In this work, a pendulum-like device is… Continue Reading →

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