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Roberto Andaya

Final Project Proposal: NapJac by Roberto Andaya

NapJac Proposal  by: Roberto Andaya I have always tried taking naps in between classes but they are not as comfortable as I would like. I always wish I had some sort of travel pillow system that did not take too… Continue Reading →

Project #2: Water Flow

(Work in progress) Have you ever cooked something that required multiple cups of water? What normally happens is you need to use the sink and guesstimate or bring a measuring tool to make measure one cup at a time. Well

Project 1: Polar Cleaner

  This creation combines the complexity of physical mechanisms and electronics while following the inputs of a camera. Our main goal was to have the polar system to find all the dirty areas on the whiteboard with a camera and… Continue Reading →

Looking Outwards: 2 DOF Plotting Robotic Arm – Arduino Platform

2 DOF Plotting Robotic Arm – Arduino Platform Created by Gregory Bourke EXPLAINED: This robot is a simple 2-d control system that can draw out inputs from a computer onto paper like a printer. There is a joint in the mechanism that… Continue Reading →

Looking Outwards: uArm Robot Arm Powered By Arduino

uArm Robot Arm Powered By Arduino Created by the UFad group EXPLAINED: This is a robot arm that is able to to move in 3 dimensions and swivel. It is modeled after a manufacturing robot and can pick objects up and… Continue Reading →

Looking Outwards: Polar Arm with Arduino

Polar Arm with Arduino Created by Alessandro G. EXPLAINED: A way of drawing inputted data with high accuracy on paper with a swivel polar arm creation CHOSEN: This project was chosen because it could be modified to clean a whiteboard table in designated… Continue Reading →

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