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Sky Krauthamer

iJam Final

Cardboard Lasercut

I generated and colored cut file for the Cardboard, as a DXF file (the format the laser cutters want). It’s not adjusted for our lenses* Cardboard DXF on Github


Abstract The AlgoBot is a wheeled robot that draws an algorithmic pattern with dry erase markers. The prototype is based on the design of an industrial CNC machine. Using a gantry system for movement in the x-direction and custom cut… Continue Reading →

Photon: Compiling Locally

If you’ve developed code for the photon, you know how annoying the necessity to develop and compile code in the “particle cloud.” Every time you have to make a change, you have to: upload your code wait for it to… Continue Reading →

Looking Outwards: Exploratorium Drawbot

  Explained: It’s structure is simple: a flat bed suspended from its corners by wire so that it can smoothly swing, and a single arm that firmly presses a marker on a sheet of paper (drawing as the bed oscillates).   Chosen: The drawing… Continue Reading →

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