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Project 2

Project 2: Bike Buddy – Joseph Paetz

Video Overview Bike Buddy is a bike computer that uses sound to generate its data. Made using minimal components, Bike Buddy uses a simple contact mic that plugs directly into your phone for maximum convenience. Inspiration I bike a lot, and… Continue Reading →

Project 2: HandGlovePuppetThing – L.Valley

To say the least, my project went through a few iterations. What started as a sound generating glove mechanism turned into a gestural puppet controller. Video (that will be replaced with better video shortly):   Idea genesis: This project began with… Continue Reading →

Project 2 – Sound – Daniel Campos Zamora

Video Inspiration At first I wanted to have this exist out in the world, preferably out over one of the rivers. But due to the scope of the project, the time we had and some technical issues, I scaled it… Continue Reading →

PROJECT 2 – Sensor [Documentation]

OBJECTIVE Make a blog post documenting your project. DELIVERABLES A 30-60 second video of your project in action A (well-linked) writeup of your design process, including: The genesis of your idea The technologies used to make it happen Diagrams, photos, and… Continue Reading →

PROJECT 2 – Sensor [Part 1]

OBJECTIVE Make a sensor from a microphone that measures/detects an environmental condition that is not an audio source. You must convert some other physical energy (displacement, light, electricity, heat) to sound to be sensed by your microphone : DETAILS The first week… Continue Reading →

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