Due at the start of class on Wednesday, March 21st

Please read Rose Eisma, et al. “Mutual inspiration in the development of new technology for older people.” Proceedings of Include. Vol. 7. 2003. A copy of the PDF is in “Files” in Canvas, and it’s also available online here: http://www.dcs.gla.ac.uk/~stephen/research/utopia/papers/2003_include_general/paper.pdf

Use Canvas to submit a response to the following prompt in a paragraph or two.

Eisma et al. discuss ways of building rapport between elderly people who aren’t so familiar with technology and younger researchers who are. We will be having exactly this sort of conversation with a group of people in about a week. Distill and share a few “best practices,” based on your own intuition/experience as well as what you learned in the article, which the class should keep in mind as we’re preparing to interview our older design clients for the first time.