Rabbit Hole #2

Art Restoration Technologies: Repairing and Renewing Artwork in the 21st Century

In the visual arts, there is no guarantee that work will be preserved for any time after it has been created. While physical pieces are certainly more permanent that performances, all works are subject to deterioration and destruction. Some pieces are more susceptible, such as work made of fragile material or located in an unstable […]

Rabbit Hole #1

Historic Institutions in a Digital World: How Auction Houses Navigate New Media and Business Methods

Auction houses are some of the longest established organizations for the sale, authentication, and purchase of art. Three major institutions, Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and Phillips were established in 1744, 1766, and 1796, respectively, and have been generally well regarded and trustworthy institutions throughout their history. Recently, their business practices have been most impacted by the increased […]