4. Technical Exercise Sequence

The course includes has many exercises intended to familiarize you with the lab, basic electronic equipment, and basic programming. These are essential for developing the vocabulary and skills to fulfill the projects.

The lab exercises are intended to be performed individually. The exercises will be performed in the lab during class time, but also outside class as needed. The initial exercises are intended to be quick, simple introductions. Part of the exercise is absorbing a set of technical terms; the meaning will become apparent in time through immersion in practice.

The following is a suggested order which generally develops from simple to more complex, however the sequence is not strict. There are more exercises available than time so individuals may choose exercises according to the experience and discretion. If something is too elementary for your experience level, please choose something new for you. If an exercise requires a part which is not available, please move on to something feasible.

Please be sure to read the sections Basic Circuits and Physical Computation with the Arduino for a review of terminology and concepts. Also, please skim the Errata section if you have trouble to identify mistakes in the text or general hints.

Anyone who completes an exercise easily should consider undertaking more of the optional challenge activities listed at the end of most exercises.

4.1. Arduino IDE and Programming

4.2. Elementary Electronics

4.3. Arduino with Electronics

4.4. Signals and Time

Please be sure to read the Computation and Behavior section for a review of computational terminology and concepts. Please be sure to see the OneInOneOutASCII Arduino Sketch section for background on dividing a process between the Arduino and a laptop.

4.5. Mechanism

Please be sure to read the Mechanical Behavior section for a review of mechanical terminology and concepts.

4.6. Optional Topics

More Electronics

Modular Components

Raspberry Pi


  • Max Arduino Companion. Building a system combining Arduino and Max/MSP for laptop-based GUI and media processing.