The focus of class today will be hands-on experimentation to develop techniques for extending gestures; we think this will be useful research and foundation for the first assignment.


Laser cutter access. If have not already qualified for IDeATe laser cutter access, please both let us know and sign up for the two required online training courses in fire safety and laser safety. We can provide basic operational training upon request, but to qualify for normal access you will need to pass the IDeATe certification. The current requirements are available at In the meantime, anyone is eligible to bring cut files to open hours daily at 4:30PM.

Please try logging into this course site if you have not already done so. If you aren’t familiar with WordPress, please allow time to learn how to create a post and use the editor. In particular, please note that uploaded videos must be MP4. It is also fine to use hosted services (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo), but please make sure the video is embedded.

Due Monday by 5PM: Assignment 1: Gesture Extension

In-class Workshop

We will begin with some elementary demonstrations of technique using the materials for the day: cardboard, dowels, fabric.

We will divide into six groups. Each group will specialize in a given material (two groups per material) and explore methods for attaching it to a body in order to extend a gesture. Please work quickly and identify and prototype as many approaches as possible in a half-hour working time.

The focus of the assignment is on connecting to skeletal motion, so you may wish to start off asking yourself: which joints or bones will be the anchor? Will you connect in a parallel or perpendicular orientation? What are the freedoms of the structure or material? What kind of human motions will activate your prototype?

After the working time we will re-assemble as a class and share out our results.


Iris Van Herpen Collaborates with Anthony Howe…..Processes