For my first piece, I wanted to explore wings. Like biological wings, I created tendon-like pieces to web the fabric and used straps to attach this to my arm and torso. I think it worked as I had expected but I would have been curious to see what would happen if I used a stretchy material between the tendons and expanded the wings down to my wrists.

My second piece was created in hopes of exploring the twisting nature of the neck. I created a petal structure as a helix around my neck. It prohibited twisting movement but behaved curiously when I would bend my neck forwards or backwards. It would be cool to explore this wrapping concept by applying it to my entire body.

Lastly I crafted a suspender-like form. Originally I only designed it for the front of my body. But, as I gyrated and moved around, I realized the effect would be much greater if I did the back as well. The form sort of enhances torso movements, and created a more rotund almost-ball like movement that human torsos don’t inherently have.