While playing with the different materials, I initially wanted to explore the more subtle ways in which different parts of the body could move, and each part’s relationship with the rest of the body. Building off of this idea, for my first sample I wanted to create a mechanism that could expand outwards in accordance with the expansion of your chest as you breathe in. However, with such a subtle movement it was difficult to actually visualize that, so I took the same flap-like mechanism I was using and put it on my back instead, to emphasize and bring attention to the spine. Although this sample is not entirely finished, as you have to hold onto and pull one end of the elastic, the flaps lift up and extend outwards as you bend down.

Next, I wanted to continue playing with the idea of wings. However, in this experiment, I tried to show the relationship between the arms and legs in a puppet-like fashion, as by connecting them with the piece of fabric, I was limiting my mobility and forcing my arm and leg to work directly together when they don’t normally.

For my last experiment, I wanted to somehow visualize or emphasize the smaller, subtler movements of the forearm. Using folded cardboard, some thread, and elastic/velcro for attaching, I created a sample that could open, close, and twist with the forearm, bringing attention to those interactions.