My main goal in this assignment was to try new ideas that help to accentuate the body using different materials. I wanted to focus on different body parts for each design as well as try out using all the materials (dowels, cardboard, and fabric). I had my friends help model my ideas in case you are curious who the people in the videos are.

For this idea, I wanted to try something simple that accentuated the fingers. I created fabric that bends and moves as you move your fingers.

For this idea, I wanted to explore wings. I was hoping to see how they move as you arc your shoulder blades; however, I got a better motion than I expected as they also move while you sway.

For this design, I really wanted to explore the interaction between dowels and fabric. I wanted to make something that moved as you moved your legs since I felt like a lot of the designs in class didn’t focus on legs. After several failed attempts, I eventually settled on making a wing like design that opens up as you move your legs.