We are planning to make capes that are similar to a peacock’s tail. We will each be making one, and they’ll reveal an interesting pattern that could stand alone, but when they’re put side by side they reveal something else.

This is just an idea of how our cape/tail might work. We came up with this idea after ideating on our own and then coming together to try to think of something we both liked. I (Adam) was thinking of things that made us “superhuman,” which I was thinking of as things that extended our natural abilities, and I came up with three ways that kinetic wearables could fall into that category: by transforming an action’s scale, position, or nature.


Nelly was thinking about a common theme of transformation and reveal that has come up throughout the course, and she had come up with the idea of a cape with a design on it, whose movement was attached to the arms. I connected that with my idea of transforming the scale and nature of a movement, and we talked about other animals that use patterns to change how they look, like peacocks, which led to our current idea: a sort of circular cape that can flip up above the head to reveal a pattern, when you wave your arms in the right way.

Working Prototype

4/23/2020 Nelly’s Update

This is a recorded photoshoot of two sisters wearing garments inspired by a peacock and it revealing action and recyclable fashion. Here are some of the photos from the shoot. The final product would be a short film.

Eye revealed to hypnotize the viewer

Next steps are to create stop motion and a live-action tv presentation. Properly figure out how to move the dolls.

Step for development:

  1. Create a frame
  2. Design cape
  3. Develop a mechanism for raising the cape and attachment to the body
  4. Bring all elements together
  5. Create a choreography
  6. Film