Checkpoint 1

For the final project, Maya and I were thinking of creating a short puppet bit. The idea is to have a heated competition between two puppets, one made by maya and one made by me, to see who has the better balcony. This is inspired by the recent balcony communities that have become popular in cities since the quarantine.

One of the ideas we’ve been exploring is pushing the dichotomy of the two characters. One is old and and conventional while the other is a young free spirit. We were also thinking of how we could use varying styles of music to help push this.

We also want to emphasize the physical humor of the puppets. Since this idea requires a bit of set building, we’re going to be working on a somewhat small scale, so we want to exaggerate the movements as much as we can. To give the puppets more life we’ll incorporate the ideas of “breathing” that Z. Briggs introduced in her lecture. An example of this would be “grunting” when moving something heavy.

We started to prototype the designs and structures of the puppets.

Checkpoint 2

This week, John and I continued to work on our puppets. We’ve settled on the idea of having a competition between a young woman with a disorderly goth rock aesthetic and an older woman with a more old-fashioned and reserved attitude.

We are now moving into planning the interactions between our puppets and designing the sets for them as well.

Final Video