Witch Anamorphic

by Gerardo, Olivia, and Peter

We’re interested in utilizing the motion capture technology in the dFab Lab to explore the expressive nature of Genevieve’s drawing skills and to, ultimately, use the motion capture data to scale up her artwork. Genevieve prefers to work on a smaller scale. The end result is a process that generates large-scale versions of her art based on her specific artistic gesture, without her having to actually work at this larger scale. She would save time and physical effort doing so.

We hope, also, to still adhere to Genevieve’s preferred method of layering to develop these images. By using differently shaped MoCap wands, we can define changes in tool or “layer” that are read and then carried out by the robotic arm. Once the introductory MoCap data is compiled, there are endless opportunities as to how the robot could transform the image in its recreation, if we choose to do so. Depending on the type of drawing tool the robot utilizes or if an algorithmic transformation is applied off-line, we can systematically change Genevieve’s image using our available technology.

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