4/19 Sebastian and Elena

Internal Wax Components

This week we acquired most of the materials we will need for the remainder of the project, including three new types to wax to experiment with– beeswax, paraffin wax, machinable wax. We also redesigned the mold for the wax components and are going to try to print and cast those molds this coming week. This new mold breaks into several pieces, an attempt to lower the surface area of contact that any particular piece of plastic has with the wax. We also introduced draft angles into some parts of the mold, something else in an attempt to break the wax away from the mold more successfully.

Bistable Connection

Additionally, the silicone piece of the bistable connection is on hold at the moment as we await print. It was our attention to finish the first test this weekend, but without a mold to cast in we weren’t able to do that. We hope to finish that up over the coming week.

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